Splinter Fish at El Rey Theater, Albuquerque, NM, September 23, 1989.

This show was recorded by Quincy Adams. The songs here are from a dubbed copy on a Maxell XLII90 cassette. The original source tape may still be found.

Chuck broke a string during In The End and the rest of the band took the opportunity following that song to jam on the Angel Without Wings riff.

This show came very close to the finishing up of the Splinter Fish album, so it's one of the few cases where Chuck and Debo add the overlay vocals in the chorus of Vacant Flame. Also Debo gets a little uppity with the spoken vocals in My High Horse.

Set ListEdit

Albuquerque 890923
The Seismograph Song
The Seismograph Song 890923
Vacant Flame
Vacant Flame 890923
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming 890923
My High Horse
My High Horse 890923
Not A Subversive
Not A Subversive 890923
If I Had A Gun
If I Had A Gun 890923
In The End
In The End 890923
Angel Without Wings
Angel Without Wings 890923
The Wait (The Pretenders)
Take Me
Take Me 890923
Big Ones
Big Ones 890923
Psychic Generation
Psychic Generation 890923
Mars 890923
Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno)
Baby's On Fire 890923
Scatter Dogs
Scatter Dogs 890923
Dance Of The Pillbugs
Dance Of The Pillbugs 890923