Splinter Fish on the KUNM Live Variety Show, Albuquerque, NM, October 13, 1990

Recorded live at the KUNM studios. The audio technician was evidently still tweaking the sound settings on the first few songs. Debo's vocals come in about halfway through Milo's Sunset and there were some volume jumps on that song and The Seismograph Song. Also a very heavy reverb was added to I'm Round.

After the credits it was announced that Splinter Fish had time for one more song, but since Bye Bye Bystander (here played without the usual segue into Mars) was so short, they were able to fit in Would You Still Be You, which is fortunate as this is the only recording of that song.

Set ListEdit

Not A Subversive
Milo's Sunset
Milo's Sunset 901013
The Seismograph Song
The Seismograph Song 901013
If I Had A Gun
If I Had A Gun 901013
Man 901013
Take Me
Take Me 901013
Before The Dreaming
Before The Dreaming 901013
Live Variety Show Skit
Interview with Splinter Fish
LVS Interview 901013
I'm Round
I'm Round 901013
Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect 901013
Komodo Madonna
Komodo Madonna 901013
Drugs 901013
Engrossed In The Throes Of Cattle Worship
Cattle Worship 901013
Furniture 901013
Live Variety Show Credits
Bye Bye Bystander
Bye Bye Bystander 901013
Would You Still Be You
Would You Still Be You 901013