Manna From Nowhere - Pre-Production Session

December 22, 1996

The band set up in a community center in Corrales, NM and spent the day there doing multiple takes of each song.

Track ListEdit

Molybdenum - 7 takes, 1st of 2 full-takes used.
Molybdenum (Pre)
Neither Do I - 5 takes, 3rd of 3 full-takes used.
Neither Do I (Pre)
Rain - 4 takes, only full-take used.
Rain (Pre)
Minnow - 5 takes, 2nd of 2 full-takes used.
Minnow (Pre)
New Found Friend - 3 takes, only full-take used.
New Found Friend (Pre)
Dry Wah - This was a bit of noise at the end of the Rain take.
Dry Wah (Pre)