This was the first Manna From Nowhere show using the name Lucky Tortoise. Three songs appear here that were never recorded anywhere else; Chandra, Love, and Move Into The Light.

This is also the only recorded show with Alyson and Kevin. Neither Do I features the long intro with Kevin on harmonica. This version was truncated once Zoom replaced Kevin on drums.

This show was recorded on a roving video camera, so the audio quality changes drastically depending on where the camera was during the song. For some songs, the camera is behind the main speakers, so the relative volumes of the various instruments is either much softer or much louder.

Set ListEdit

George Washington
George Washington 960600
Turn And Walk Away
Turn And Walk Away 960600
Neither Do I
Neither Do I 960600
Chandra 960600
Love 960600
Move Into The Light
Move Into The Light 960600