Splinter Fish - Engrossed In The Throes Of Cattle Worship

Chuck wrote this song about his Golden Retiever, Trout, who apparently had a fascination with cows.


Cattle Worship 900216 - 1:58 - Recorded at The Concrete Canoe in Las Cruces, NM on February 16, 1990.
Cattle Worship 900216
Cattle Worship 901013 - 1:55 - Recorded live on the KUNM Live Variety Show on October 13, 1990.
Cattle Worship 901013
Cattle Worship 910228 - 2:02 - Recorded at the final show at The Fat Chance Bar & Grill in Albuquerque, NM on February 28, 1991. This version features guest guitarist Eric McFadden.
Cattle Worship 910228


October dog with the firehose nose
Knows where he goes engrossed in the throes of cattle worship
That is, he worships cows
Worships the horn and worships the udder
Worships the hooves, milk and the grooves
The overgrown ??? huh?

© 1990 Chuck Hawley