17 Reasons Why at The Fat Chance Bar & Grill, Albuquerque, NM, September 10, 1992.

This is 17 Reasons Why's final show, recorded by Quincy Adams outside in a 1965 Ford Econoline cargo van and dubbed onto a Fuji DR-II 100 Cassette. Mitch Morrison guests on vocals on Scatter Dogs, Chuck ? guests on harmonica on Bottle Take Your Soul and Lewi Longmire guests on guitar on Baby's On Fire.

Set ListEdit

Neptune Waits
Neptune Waits 920910
Deaf, Dumb, Blind
Deaf, Dumb, Blind 920910
The Time Was
The Time Was 920910
Hey Now (Splinter Fish)
Hey Now 920910
Body Count
Body Count 920910
Moab 920910
Bye Bye Bystander (Splinter Fish)
Bye Bye Bystander 920910
Mars (Splinter Fish)
Mars 920910
Madness 920910
Around You
Around You 920910
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
In The End (Splinter Fish)
In The End 920910
Vacant Flame (Splinter Fish)
Vacant Flame 920910
Lovestream 920910
Turn It Around
Turn It Around 920910
Blue Sky Black
Blue Sky Black 920910
Give And Take
Give And Take 920910
Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno)
Baby's On Fire 920910
Voodoo Works
Voodoo Works 920910
Shut Up And Dance
Shut Up And Dance 920910
Bottle Take Your Soul
Bottle Take Your Soul 920910
Big Ones (Splinter Fish)
Big Ones 920910
Scatter Dogs (Splinter Fish)
Scatter Dogs 920910
The Seismograph Song (Splinter Fish)